NPC KY Derby Festival Bodybuilding April 2011 4th place


The goal of this blog is to motivate, encourage, and ultimately inspire both the cancer patient and survivor. I believe that this blog will also inspire the Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologist, Family Doctors, hospital staff, all health care providers, and the primary care takers of the cancer patient. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 1, I was devastated in more ways then one. I decided to use this difficult time to train and get into better shape then ever. I wanted to try out for The American Gladiators again (tried out in the 90’s).

I realize that not all cancer patients have the same athletic aspirations nor do they all want to compete in sports. Everyone is an individual with different goals and at different stages in life. I believe that breast cancer was a season in my life and hopefully a closed chapter. But many other patients and survivors are not so fortunate to have a closed chapter on this disease. That is why I’m writing this blog. During my treatment I did everything to keep my mind and my thoughts fresh. This was not easy because anytime that one has a cancer diagnosis – one is faced with the possibility of death. I thought many times that there was a remote possibility that I might die. I tried not to think about it. I wanted to continue on with my life – but I knew that somehow it would be different.

I still trained at the gym, went out for walks in the evening at the local park with a friend, and had pizza with friends at a different pizza place every time, and did my computer work at some really cool coffee houses in the city. This had taken my mind off my current situation even though I had to undergo radiation treatments five days a week for seven weeks. I also used this time to continue writing my book about my (previous career).

I must have been the fittest cancer patient in the US because I was totaly shredded and muscular, and yet had the purple markings on my chest and side so I could receive my radiation treatments. I used to hurry up and change in the women’s locker room at the gym so no one would see all the markings and stickers I had. My healthcare providers would often ask me – what would it take to get into shape so they could look like me. I’d tell them – hard work – the right kind of fitness diet and don’t get cancer.

I’m now competing and have placed in several bodybuilding and fitness shows. I have beat all of my personal records in the gym – I still have a long way to go. I’m writing a book about how I made it through. One thing that you will do often is pray a lot.

Whatever your goals are – I firmly believe that you can use my story to move beyond your current situation. Some of you may want to have the strength to plant your own garden again, paint your house, work full time, start a new career, run in a marathon, start a family, run after a toddler, or just have a better quality of life. I’m a personal trainer and whatever you do with your life – you will need a certain amount of health and strength to get there. I like to use Lance Armstrong as an example – he is in amazing shape and he had cancer.


Lisa C. Nicolette