Here is a sample of magazine articles I’ve written and interviews my story has been featured in! Hope this benefits and gives hope to many! June 2015 FitFluential Inspiration: Lisa Nicolette May 2015 Breast Cancer and Fitness: When Cancer happens to a Fit Body May 2015 Breast Cancer and Insurance Challenges 

HFA Hemophilia Federation of America February 2015 Living Fit with Von Willebrand disease

Living Fit With von Willebrand Disease October 2014 I Have an Ax To Grind With Cancer! September 2014 Fitsurvivor: Back From The Dead!

Connected The La Roche College Magazine Alumni Book shelf p. 36

Whirl Magazine March 2014 Health and Wellness

Breast Cancer Survivor Motivates with “Fitsurvivor” EBook

Pretty Living PR Magazine

Blog talk radio interview hosted by Julia Fine in NY

Whirl magazine

Cancer Conquerer – Breast Cancer Awareness & Recovery

Amazon,, Apple iBook, Barnes and Noble, Google, Sony, Kobo books

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Glimmer of Hope  Life after cancer

I have spent a tremendous amount of time researching many different options and resources concerning various ways to get help when faced with a cancer diagnosis! I was surprised to find that there is more available help then one could ever imagine! If there is this much help in a somewhat broken system – then there has to be more available resources for other health challenges as well!

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer – everything came crashing down all at once! I lost my job, had no health insurance or finances to pay for treatment! I had to increase an already sharp learning curve and ability to network and thankful to God that I made the right contacts and located a program to cover treatment! That is when I really explored options with the goal of benefiting others that are faced with a challenge!

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