This beautiful suspension bridge is in Columbus, Ohio and represents a move into a new beginning.
I had moved to Columbus for a career change ten years ago and referred to that
venture as a, “New Beginning.” I now have other reasons why I will be moving
and striving again in a different direction. Just like the beautiful photo
above, you never know what direction a new venture will take you!

I don’t like the term starting over, but I do like the idea of a new beginning which will lead
into a different direction. I know that 2014 is going to be better due to the
fact that I feel very renewed after attending an RLI conference that a friend
had recommended and sponsored.me for in the fall of 2013. This was an
investment in many ways and well worth it!

Even though I had some challenges during the year 2013, I still managed to push through some
of the pain and learn a few things along the way. I did manage to design a very
unique business logo, publish my eBook, and form an LLC. This was both exhilarating
and exhausting to accomplish this task and I had to pour my time, mental focus,
energy and resources into this business venture that I believe will benefit
many. This required endless motivation and determination to achieve this goal!

This isn’t just about breast cancer, cancer survivorship, or finding a cure! This is about
thriving beyond the limits that are often placed on us by the standards of
others! Dare to live beyond the restraints of mere thought!

This is what my Fitsurvivor motivational eBook is all about! Happy New Year’s Day 2014! 

Lisa Nicolette



  1. Ismail Koubaytari said:

    Hi Nicole,

    How are you doing? I am reaching out to you because I am looking for an image of the Columbus Main Street bridge to use on my client’s website. I wanted to know if you took the picture of the main street bridge or if you bough it from someone?

    Thank you,

    October 5, 2016
    • Fitsurvivor said:

      Hi Ismail,

      The image came from iStock photos. I love the city of Columbus!


      July 3, 2017

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