Back around December 14, 2017 while busy training clients across town, I called home to let my mother know that I’d be home late because I was Christmas shopping and then I’d be off to the gym to train myself! My mother had complained about a stomach ache and I advised her to get some mint tea out of the pantry and that should take care of it. Little did I realize that the next day my mother would be rushed into emergency exploratory surgery to fix a perforated colon and end up fighting for her life in ICU while on a ventilator! I was heartbroken because I was informed by the ER Doctor that my mother would most likely not survive the surgery or the infection that followed! I was heartbroken and that is why I have not done any blogging! Mom spent almost two months in the hospital and rehab and now lived with a permanent colostomy. I had a crash course in wound care as I had to change the wet dressing daily and learn how to pack and repack tunneling using the Dakins formula. This was interesting as I had interviewed for Medical Sales in Wound Care. My mother has been able to move forward and live a more normal life and can do most things she did before. Seeing how cumbersome the colostomy device really is – I’m making an attempt to create a better colostomy device! This would help many that now have to live with this! My ideas could streamline the entire process!