My motivational eBook has recently been published by and will be formatted for
all electronic devices! The eBook is now available on Amazon, and will soon be on Apple, and
other online sites! This book is a healthy dose of motivation for breast cancer
patients, cancer survivors of any background, and anyone who has survived a
serious illness. Wounded Warriors and servicemen are welcome!

The eBook will also have a section dedicated to healthcare providers and the
families that take care of and fight for the cancer patients. I also dedicated
a chapter to the Wounded Warriors who fight for our country and many will come
back to the US facing serious health challenges and injuries while serving
overseas in the military.

This eBook is also a great resource for cancer survivorship and the fact that many cancer patients and
survivors will want to move forward and rebuild a better quality of life. Survivorship
is important because many will be faced with the daily demands of life. I also
included many resources in the last chapter of my eBook that many don’t even
realize are available such as how to cover expensive copays, getting additional
help for transportation and child care. Lymphedema is sometimes a side effect
of cancer surgery and treatment – I have resources that are available for
compression sleeves and ways to cover the costs of such items.

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